Friday, April 3, 2009

Clean the Home with Aromatherapy

Unfortunately, space that we live in must be cleaned on a regular basis. That has been the necessary but pretty unglamorous job that has fallen to wives and mothers historically. Husbands and fathers have been getting into the cleaning routine in the last few years as more and more wives and mothers are working full time outside the home.

In the past, very harsh chemicals were regularly used to eradicate germs, dirt and odors. Today, younger generations are becoming more and more aware of the way these harsh chemicals affect their families and the environment in which we all live.

Many modern-day households use nothing but ‘green’ cleaning products. These are products that are made from natural ingredients that are safe for use around kids and pets and are also biodegradable and harmless to the environment. Many household have quit buying cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals altogether.

Some households even make their own cleaning products using natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. While it is true that almost every cleaning job in the home can be accomplished by using one or the other of these natural products, there isn’t a nice clean scent left behind once the cleaning task has been accomplished.

Once households that are very concerned about avoiding the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning products discover the essential oils that are used in aromatherapy, they never look back. Many of the scents of the essential oils are used in commercial cleaning products. They are what give the products the nice clean smells of pine and lemon for example.

You don’t have to give up nice clean smells when you switch to natural cleaning products. You can enhance the cleaning and disinfecting properties of natural cleaning products by adding essential oils to them and get that nice clean smell as a bonus.

Tea Tree oil is a good example. Tea tree oil has a medicinal scent that is sharp and practically screams clean AND disinfected. Add just a few drops to that vinegar/water spray that you use to clean the bathroom. Tea Tree oil is a disinfectant that will kill germs in your bathroom and leave a nice clean scent behind.

Eucalyptus is another essential oil that is a disinfectant. Adding a few drops to your wash will kill dust mites in sheets and pillowcases and leave behind a nice clean scent as well.

The essential oils of orange, lemon and pine all have cleaning properties. You can add a few drops of orange or lemon to a little olive oil and make furniture cleaner that is next to none and have a nice clean scent to boot. Pine essential oil can be added to water used to wash floors and other surfaces. The scent will be wonderful and you get added cleaning and disinfecting as well.

Just because you want to be environmentally correct and just because you want cleaning products that are natural and safe to use around kids and pets doesn’t mean that you have to deny yourself the pleasure of clean aromas.

Have a great weekend,

Anne Keefe

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