Sunday, June 28, 2009

Join the EclipseSpa Dream Team

Join EclipseSpa as an Independent Spa at Home Tonight Consultant

Are you looking for a great part-time job to make extra money? EclipseSpa wants to empower 25 women with a wonderful opportunity to make extra money and have fun selling organic bath & body products for women and men to create the spa experience at home.

Why EclipseSpa?

Eclipsespa creates organic and natural bath and body products that people can use to relax & rejuvenate right at home. Our products will remove the days effects and re-introduce you to the body you live in....connect with it, feel it, reward it.

We use only the best ingredients science has to offer to soothe and protect your skin, leaving it velvety soft after you bathe or shower. Our natural fragrances have the power to transform your emotions, and heal your body.

Eclipsespa is committed to sustainable practices and providing the best ever natural and organic bath & body products for you to turn your bath into an organic spa experience. Plus, we hand-pour all of our 100% soy wax candles in house using only the freshest and purest essential oils for eco-friendly light and comfort.

Our Business Opportunity Offers:

* No quotas
* No Inventory to stock. We'll ship every order to you to distribute to your customer or we can ship directly to your customer
* Create your own demo kit by purchasing products on sale along with your personal discount
* OR purchase a "Sample Kit" that contains 5 retail size products of your choice to use for demo's.
* Share our Spa at Home Tonight story
* Receive a 25% personal discount on all our products
* Receive referral rewards for any new consultant you refer and has 2 months worth of commissionable income
* Work one-on-one with customers or have "Spa at Home Tonight" parties
* You'll have your own consultant link to enter orders into our system
* Get paid immediately through your own PayPal account or we'll mail your commission check to you.
* Earn a 30% commission on your orders. Reach $2500 in orders and you'll start earning 35% commissions
* Click here to Sign up. Choose the pull down menu and choose wholesale, affiliate, rep. In the message area please indicate that you are interested in the Sales Consultant Program and we'll call you to get you started

You can decide how you want to work:

* Spa at Home Tonight Parties with a Hostess Rewards Program
* One on One: Present the products to individual prospects at any time,any place
* Online: Bring your customers directly to you. Work your business from home
* Online Parties: Host an online party.

I wanted to share a personal bit from my first "Spa at Home Consultant" Judi who encourage me to offer this opportunity to others:

I love your idea for consultants! When you offered me this opportunity I didn’t know exactly how I would do it, I don’t have a website, a tax ID or anything else related to selling. I didn’t feel I qualified for the Affiliate program as outlined on your site, but with your guidance and customizing the program to fit the “Avon” lady everything just seemed to fall into place for me (I am VERY thankful for everything!).

When you offer it to women they will be amazed at how easy and how much fun they will be having while making money without having a “Business”. The best part of this is not only the “one on one” approach with the customers but the secure feeling of the “one on one” relationship with you. I know that no matter what someone asks me about a product you are right there to help me out. It’s a relationship that is rare and so appreciated in today’s world!

I don’t think anyone will believe how quickly they will hit their goals! I think shipping product to the consultant is the way to go, you are correct you really do build a closer relationship with people when you deliver the product and they smell or try it for the first time (they go as crazy as I did!).

What I do is I keep a small supply of product to use as samples when we get together so everyone can try them out. Sometimes people just want to smell (of course they go crazy with the red rose scent! And a lot of people love your lavender scent, it’s not overdone), sometimes they want to try it.

I try to keep a small (1 or 2) supply of products in case someone wants to buy the product right then, so my investment is very small, but I think the sample kit is a good idea. Then they will have product that someone hasn’t ordered (does that make sense? I just keep what I know I can sell within two weeks) also, having product shipped to one address saves money, whether they want to split the shipping with their customers or have the consultant pay the shipping (this is a great selling point that the customer is getting free shipping).

I think you have hit on all the info someone would want to know. I wish you great success with this and I know once people start checking it out they won’t believe how much added fun and income in life you are offering. It looks like this is the perfect time to offer this with the At Home consultants out there looking. I hope for nothing but the best for you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Balance Your World with Aromatherapy

Our daily lives can be so hectic. Sometimes it feels like the whole world has conspired to complicate our lives and make them more difficult. The old adage, “If it can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment” seems to have been coined just for us.

Morning comes too soon and we drag ourselves out of the bed and slowly become alert and aware. We get ourselves dressed and to work and function pretty well through the morning and the early afternoon.

Then, when we need to be awake, alert and at the top of our game, we will suddenly be overcome by a sleepy spell. We feel like we just can’t keep our eyes open and they not only need to be open but they need to be WIDE open. We will head for the nearest coffeepot or start looking for a snack loaded with sugar to get ourselves back in gear.

Then at night when we finally crawl into our beds that sleepy spell is long gone. About the same time our heads hit the pillow, our eyes pop open, our minds rewind the day and starts replaying it in excruciating detail. We can’t find the off switch and we spend half the night tossing and turning and looking for that elusive sleep that we so badly need.

That scenario is so common. Slow to wake up...afternoon sleepy spell....trouble sleeping at night that is about average. Believe it or not, aromatherapy can help. Aromatherapy can get you going in the morning. You will feel bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to face the world. Aromatherapy can beat the afternoon slump in about 30 seconds and aromatherapy can help you to get into a deep, relaxing sleep that will refresh mind and body at night.

First thing in the morning, you need to use a body wash in your morning shower that contains the essential oil of grapefruit or lemongrass. Grapefruit or lemongrass essential oils will pop your eyes open and make you feel awake, alert and ready to face your day.

When the mid-afternoon slump hits, you need to spend about 30 seconds inhaling the essential oil peppermint. Peppermint will revitalize you and make you alert and at the top of your game. This can be repeated every 15 minutes as often as required.

In the evening when you come home from work you are going to be tired but not relaxed enough to allow you to get the rest that you need. You need to apply some aromatherapy that will induce complete relaxation and allow you to get the really deep sleep that you need in order to awake refreshed.

Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea by using either dried bulk chamomile or a chamomile tea bag. Sit down, take you shoes off and relax. Sit the tea slowly as you inhale the aroma.

Then take a nice warm (not hot) bath to which you have added some lavender. Take your time and soak a while. Listen to some soft music and go to bed.