Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jet Off to a Spacatin at Home

With the high cost of gas coupled with the downturn of the stock market, more and more Americans are vacationing at home this summer. Sure cleaning out the garage and getting caught up on chores is great. But don’t forget to plan for the season’s most important home improvement project – you.

With everything you need to turn this summer’s staycation into a spacation, EclipsaSpa’s all organic, paraben free line of bath and body products can turn any bath into an organic spa. The Spa Ritual Package contains wildcrafted shea sugar scrubs for both men and women. Filled with ingredients designed to renew skin by eliminating dead skin cells, men will enjoy the exotic scent of the bamboo body polish while women will love the calming scent of lavender on her skin. Both will enjoy two of EclipseSpa’s favorite handcrafted soaps that are included in the package: lemongrass sage and eucalyptus sandalwood.

Follow up your day skin improvement with a lavender scented bubble bath using EclipseSpa’s Organic Sugar Soy and Tea bubble bath or add Fizzing Bath Salts to your water and enjoy a hot soak. For centuries, an evening bath infused with lavender has been the preferred method of relaxation. It’s guaranteed to calm your mind and soul allowing the body to relax so you can experience a good night’s sleep.

Dim the lights, Tune to EclipseSpa’s Escape Collection of spa music while you soak in the tub and light a soy candle tin or two to complete the transformation of your bath into a spa.

No spacation would be complete without a massage. EclipseSpa’s Grapeseed Massage Oil blend of lavender and vanilla essential oils is a wonderful anti-aging treatment for your skin that will enhance every massage experience. Grab your partner and give each other a relaxing massage at the end of the day. Grape seeds are highly antioxidant making this oil a natural anti-aging treatment that can also be used as a bath and body oil. Bottled in a vintage green container made from recycled glass completes the look for gift giving.

This summer, make sure to take time to relax by turning do-it-yourself into do-it-for-yourself.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Use Water Temperature to Heal

Did you know that you can use water temperature to heal?

The term "Hydrotherapy" literally means "water healing".

This type of therapy involves the extended use of baths or showers in the home using hot or cold temperatures.

There is documentation showing how hydrotherapy is a very powerful tool that can relieve muscle soreness, help with relaxation, increase oxygen, nutrients and lymphatic flow.

It is important to know how water temperature affects your body. Here are a couple of tips before you get into your bathtub or enjoy a foot bath.

** practice safety by checking the water temperature with a thermometer
** never get to the point where you have the chills or experience fatigue

A Hot Bath (99-108 degrees) is good for insomnia, to relieve pain, increase circulation and eliminate toxins. Your heart rate can increase by as much as 4x the normal rate for the first 5 minutes, then will normalize. Recommended time: 20 minutes or less. Follow with cool water.

A Warm Bath (97-101degrees) is the most common temperature for the average bath. Spending 20 minutes to an hour is optimal for relaxation.

A Tepid Bath (92-97 degrees) is really good for when you want to rejuvenate or have inflammation conditions such as hives, itching, or skin rashes. Recommended time is up to 1 hour.

A Cold Bath (59-68 degrees) is recommended for short periods of time and are most common in foot and hand baths. Recommended time is just a few seconds.