Friday, April 24, 2009

Dandelion-Not so much a pesky weed

Organic Dandelion has been under-appreciated, overlooked, and forever maligned.

Considered by most to be a pesky weed, EclipseSpa is here to set the record straight and raise Dandelion up to its well deserved glory.

As a wild plant that has not been cultivated like most others, dandelion retains its high mineral content and passes this onto us in a highly bio-available form. Having originated in Greece, its botanical name comes from the Greek words “disorder” and “remedy”. It has blown itself into the four corners of the world and today is used as a thousand year old remedy for breast cancer in China, a cure for AIDS in Toaist Herbalism, and in Costa Rica is sold as a remedy for diabetes.

Dandelion contains chemicals called eudesmanolides, which are found in no other herb. Other components include sterols, flavonoids, and mucilage. These are all highly revered antioxidants, preventing the degeneration of skin cells and DNA.

A key to anti-aging is preventing free radical damage. Dandelion kicks free radical booty and is why we include it religiously in our body care products. Next time you blow its parachute-tufted seeds while making a wish, take a moment to say thank you to our faithful and humble skin care servant….Dandelion.

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