Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tranquil Places by Eclipse-spa.com

At the end of a long day or week, you might be dreaming of a spa retreat to take you far, far away. Maybe this can’t happen due to work obligations or a lack of time or money. Don’t despair! With a few extra frills you can slip into your own self-created spa experience at home.Using some of the same items you’ll pay double for at a spa, your bath can become an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. Fluffy towels, plush bathrobes, soaps that stimulate the senses, and candles to create the setting that will transform mundane rituals into a pampered way to end your day.Set the mood with music. If you don’t already have music in the bathroom, bring in a CD or MP3 player. Then, light aromatherapy candles to create the ambience. Dim, or turn out the lights leaving only a soothing glow—the candle’s light and fragrance will provide soothing therapy to relieve your stress.Next, fill your bath with bath salts, tea baths, or bath oils that are designed to relax your muscles and soften your skin. Use just the right fragrances—ones designed to relieve stress and soothe your soul. Have some loofah sponges on hand to naturally exfoliate your skin—use them to give yourself a gentle massage.Lastly, get a glass of wine or a cup of warm tea, and step into the tub and relax. One secret to creating a transcendent spa experience at home is simply taking the time to enjoy it. Give this gift to yourself, you deserve it.

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