Thursday, May 24, 2007

The 15 Minute Spa Experience

I love going to spa's as often as possible, but sometimes it is either too expensive or there is not enough time. Taking just 15 minutes where there are no interruptions is enough to refresh and revitalize the mind and body. Here are some suggested steps.

1. Light a aromatherapy candle 5 minutes before your shower or bath to let the fragrance of the candle fill the room

2. Turn on the shower or fill the tub with tolerably hot water. Let the steam envelope the room.

3. Play your favorite spa music CD or turn the radio to a soft and soothing channel.

4. Step into the shower or tub and let the water de-stress your mind and body.

5. A nice organic soap or sugar scrub might be all you need to cleanse away any chaotic thoughts and stress that invade our lives daily.

6. When you are done, give yourself a quick massage while applying a fragrant organic body moisturizer. The aromatic benefits of the lotion will linger into the day or evening, a nice reminder of that special 15 minute spa experience.

Remember, all you need is 15 minutes....................................

Would love to hear any other ideas on mini-spa experiences.


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