Monday, February 23, 2009

Uplifting Lemongrass

Lemongrass, one of my favorites, originates from India and is widely used as an herb in Asian and Caribbean cooking. Lemongrass brings its tempting aroma and skin- caring properties to the spa and spa products.

Lemongrass is also used as a medicinal herb. Rich in citral, the active ingredient in lemon peel, lemongrass is said to aid in digestion, as well as relieve spasms, muscle cramps, rheumatism and headaches.

Candles, soaps and fragrances capitalize on its fresh scent. And as a natural ingredient that normalizes overactive oil glands and features a heavenly aroma, lemongrass is used as a component in spa services and products.

In the kitchen, although normally used in small amounts, the entire stalk of the grass can be sliced very fine and added to soups. Its bulb can be bruised and minced in a variety of recipes. I love going to Thai restaurants and having soup with lemongrass in it.

A treat for both the palette and skin, lemongrass offers an escape from the everyday. Its clean, crisp flavor and scent complement culinary delights, comforting beverages and soothing spa products. Give yourself a lift with a spa product that contains the heavenly scent of lemongrass.


The Food Craving Solution said...

Hi Anne,

I love lemongrass! I'm going to go look and see what products you have with this ingredient.

It's funny, but my sisters dog absolutely loved to eat lemongrass. I don't know what that was about, but animals seem to be smart that way.


Kara Sorensen

Rebecca cambila said...

I have problem my skin its very dull and oily. first i am afraid of using lemon grass products bcos they are not well recommended by skin care therapist but then one of my friend entertain me that
they dont have side effects then i searched internet and found it is good for skin and body
and now i am using lemongrass products and believe me its best.