Monday, May 11, 2009

Woof, Woof, for Lavender Shower Gel

Yesterday, our dog Macualy was due for his bath. Our little guy loves getting a warm bath and is an angel in the tub. My husband informed me just before bath time that he was out of the lavender and chamomile dog shampoo. I told him to grab one of my lavender shower gels and use that instead of buying more dog shampoo. The ingredients in my shower gels are made with organic plant ingredients and don't strip the skin of moisture. After Macualy's bath I asked Michael how the shower gel worked compared to the dog shampoo. I was surprised, and not so surprised when Michael told me that his hands felt softer after Macualy's bath in comparison to using the dog shampoo. He also surprised me by saying that he would like to try one of my shower gels now. Michael has always been a natural soap bar kind of guy. As for Macualy, he got cleaned up really well,smells terrific, and I observed that he was not as itchy afterwards as he was with his dog shampoo.

Now, I am not telling people that my organic shower gels have gone to the dogs, but if you want to save some $$ and share a lavender shower gel with your beloved dog, then pick one up today because they are on sale for $5.00 each!

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scarves said...

Macualy is a lovely dog! You are a lucky owner!