Monday, January 12, 2009

Skin Care for Men

It is not just women who are concerned about the appearance and health of their skin. Men also want to have good looking skin, free of rashes and dry areas. Good looking, healthy skin can help give a man’s face an attractive appearance. There are tips and products that can help men keep their skin looking good or in some cases to significantly improve the health and look of their skin.

The skin of males contains about fifteen percent more oil than does the skin of women and men also typically have larger pores than women, thus men have a tendency to get dirtier skin. For skin care for men, some experts recommend that men perform a deep cleansing on their skin on a daily basis in order to keep the pores clean and give the skin a pleasant appearance. Avoid using cleansing products filled with chemicals and deodorants. These products might cause skin irritation and they will end up clogging your pores.

Scrubbing and Moisturizers

Recommendations for skin care for men include providing your facial skin with a beneficial scrubbing which will eliminate dead skin cells and give your face a smooth appearance. Avoid scrubbing products that contain rough substances such as seed extracts or small grounded pieces of nuts. These products will actually cause harm to your skin. Skin care for men includes using a quality moisturizer and choosing products that do not contain chemicals or only very small amounts.

Skin care for men also includes applying a moisturizer to the face after shaving as well as after cleansing the skin. Moisturizers applied after shaving should not contain alcohol or a heavy amount of fragrances since they can aggravate the skin. As men get older they might want to use astringents as well as toners that contain glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids in order to maintain their skins’ elasticity. You should purchase products that are not sensitive to light.

Sunscreen Protection

Using sunscreen as part of a skin care for men program is essential. It is recommended that you use a sunscreen product with a SPF of fifteen or higher. The sun can cause brown spots to form and can make your thin wrinkles and lines look worse. Also, exercising can help you maintain good looking healthy skin since exercise stimulates the capillaries. Make sure you get the recommended amounts of vitamins E and C and avoid smoking cigarettes. These are some of the skin care tips for men that can keep your skin healthy and looking good.

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