Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is Gotu Kola and Why Is It In My Shower Gel?

I get asked this question alot because Gotu Kola is not a ingredient you see often. Gotu Kola has been used as a medicinal herb in China, India and Indonesia. It is a perennial plant native to Japan, China, and India.

In ancient China, Gotu Kola was the principle ingredient in a famous elixir called Fo Ti Tieng, a brew that had an astounding reputation as “Fountain of Youth”. Gotu Kola works specifically to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, as well as the manufacture of new skin cells. This translates into beautiful, renewed, supple skin.

Gotu Kola greatly enhances the integrity and vascularization of connective tisue and skin, hastens wound healing, improves elasticity and rejuvenates blood vessels for improved circulation to the skin. It is also the first ingredient in our organic shower gels. Need I say more?

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