Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a Great Mom and Coping With Stress

Into every life a little stress must fall. When the stress reaches higher than normal levels on a regular basis, your health can start to be affected. Moms may look invincible or even think they are invincible but it’s not true. Stress and good health don’t mix.

Stress is our body’s response to outside stimuli. Sure that sounds good, but it doesn’t mean very much. When you come home from a hard day at work and the sink is full of dishes, the laundry room is piled high with clothing, and the sink in the bathroom has been dripping all day, your blood pressure begins to rise.

The first person who says something to you usually gets to hear about your frustration. Or, they get to see you run bawling to the bedroom and shut the door. This is stress.

Moms, you have to protect your health. If the above scenario is typical of your daily life, watch out. You need to cease and desist before you end up in bed or the loony bin. Popping pills is not a long-term solution to the side effects you are experiencing from your stress. Antacids and headache medication is not the answer.

Did you know that too much pain medication can irritate your digestive system? Your body will fight back with bowel trouble or worse. There’s a reason that labels tell you not to exceed a specified dose in twenty-four hours. We’ve go to stop abusing our bodies.

Are you a stress eater – increasing your caloric intake as your stress increases? I am. I didn’t know it until I had gained about fourteen pounds. Stress can lead to some unhealthy ways of coping. My fix was mint chip ice cream. Do you know how many calories are in ice cream?

Stress can lead to poor eating habits. Overeating or eating the wrong things can lead to obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. These illnesses can lead to heart disease and stroke. Basically, we’re talking about a premature death. That is not an option for you, mom.

Stress can also cause ulcers, migraine headaches, and depression. These conditions can be avoided when we take better care of ourselves. Enlist the aid of your spouse, parents, sisters, brothers, and friends. You are not the first one to suffer stress and you will not be the last. Living with it is not an option.

As a mom, your children can even help you. How can that purple-faced person with jam all over himself or herself help you? Kiss his/her jam stained face until all the jam is gone. Jump on the bed with him. Snuggle together with some books and let all the day’s worries stay outside that door.

Then, after the children are in bed, draw a hot tub filled with lavender bubble bath. You may want to light a candle or two for ambiance. Turn off the lights and let the glow and scent of the candles be your beacon. Just 15 minutes in a hot bath where you can turn off the day is a renewing and relaxing experience and will likely guarantee a better nights sleep too. Even a long hot shower will do the trick. You owe it to yourself and to your family to take a slice for time for yourself.

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