Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Natural Healing Spray for Sun Burns

I remember as a child and as a teenager being out in the sun all day long and crying all night because of sunburned skin. There just wasn't enough information on sunscreen or after sun care when I was growing up. I grew up with suntan lotion, not sunscreen!

Olive oil is excellent to use to heal burns and historically has been used this way for centuries. Extra virgin olive oil is high in vitamins and minerals too. The following is a recipe that you can make at home in a 8 oz or larger spray bottle. The dosage of the recipe is designed for children. Please double the amounts for essential oils for adults.

1/2 cup distilled water
1/4 witch hazel lotion
1/4 cup aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice**
2 drops of Chamomile essential oil
1 drop Geranium essential oil
1 tsp. honey

In your 8 oz spray bottle add the water, witch hazel and aloe. Combine your essential oils and honey, and mix very well with the end of a spoon. Add this mixture to the 8 oz spray bottle. Shake very well to mix. Label your contents. Shake well before applying avoiding the eye area.

**can be found at Walgreens or the Vitamin Shoppe


Heidi said...

Cool recipe. Maybe I Should say cooling. Aloe Vera with a kick. I just breeak off a leaf and use for kitchen burns.
Thanks for sharing!

Sophia said...

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