Friday, August 31, 2007

Massage at Home

Don't have the time to run to the spa for a massage? Not many of us do these days. Finding the time is always a problem and money is tight.

Here is what we do at home after dinner while sitting on the couch. I bring down one of my body moisturizers and give my husband a hand and foot massage and he in return gives me one. Just taking all the tension out of our hands and feet by massaging them makes us feel so much more relaxed. If you are on the computer like we are 98% of the time then you must notice your hands getting tired and cramped. We are fairly active too during the week either hiking or taking spin classes at the gym. Can't forget all the walks with the dog too............. A foot massage is very soothing and invigorating at the same time.

Take 30 minutes in the evening and get close to your significant other and give each other a much needed hand and foot massage.

Hand Massage Tips: Take your partner's hand and with your thumb massage the palm of their hand working your way up to their fingers. Massage each of the fingers and the thumb in turn, squeezing, rotating and pulling them gently. Massage the back of the hand too working in between the bone and fingers to relieve more tension.

Foot Massage Tips: Did you know that foot massages promote good health and well-being? Take your partners foot and hold it firmly in one hand while using the palm of your other hand to stroke along the foot from heal to toes. Make the hand into a fist and, with the finger joints pressed into the foot, stroke firmly along the sole of the foot. Squeeze the heel.
Massage each of the toes, sqeezing and gently pulling each one in turn. Take your thumb and in circular motion rub the entire bottom of the foot. Squeeze the foot gently to relieve any remaining tension.

The organic body moisturizer will not leave your hands or feet feeling greasy. This lotion absorbs well into the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Have Fun and Escape, Rejuvenate & Celebrate

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